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As someone who had been allowing fear rather than faith to tell most of my life story, hearing the words “be fearless…be willing to push beyond your own boundaries” one October day in 2017 started me on this journey to BE. I had heard those words many times before, but this is the first time I believe I heard them with my heart and soul. I had no idea where they were leading, but I felt compelled to follow. Introduction


Fear of failure, fear of what other people would think, fear of not being enoughflooded my mind at the thought of pursuing anything outside of myself. But the fear of not doing anything felt heavier and more debilitating. The desire to inspire the way I had been inspired burned within me. So, with fear on my heels and caught between a rock and a hard place, I chose to move forward in faith hoping that God would part the Red Sea in front of me. The words contained in the pages that follow were written as my inspiration to freedom from fear and freedom to just BE. It is my hope that they serve you in the same way!


The be-osophies are designed to be read one a day over 21days to ignite reflection, perspective,and revelation that inspires you to just BE.

21 Days of Be-osophy Book

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